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We are over 10 years of experience

Artificial Intelligence / Control Algorithms

We share our high knowledge on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of robotics and control with our partners. We offer specific artificial intelligence software solutions in robotic arm and automation technologies.

Together with our mechanical system design partners, we offer industrial smart systems with artificial intelligence and control algorithms.

AI-powered Optimization

We offer problem-specific optimization algorithms powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. We can offer these algorithms as embedded and cloud-based solutions.

We especially use reinforcement learning algorithms in this area.

AI-powered Mobile/Web Platforms

We offer mobile applications supported by recommendations suitable for users' data.

We use machine learning and deep learning methods efficiently in cloud-based solutions and mobile applications. We are accelerating algorithms based on cloud efficiency.

5G And Beyond / Data Centers

We offer fast and secure communication with our smart data centers and smart data traffic solutions.

Keep up with the new era in communication technologies with the use of artificial intelligence in 5g and communication technologies.

Embedded Systems and System On Chip Solutions

We can turn the algorithms we have developed into embedded system products. We use acceleration methods specific to the algorithm produced in this productization phase. We also offer FPGA System on Chip solutions.

We use parallel working drafts that we have created specially for deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Data processing, inference, prediction

We design machine learning and data processing algorithms specific to data types specific to the wishes of our partners.

AI-powered Smart IOT Solutions

We develop artificial intelligence-based smart systems and iot systems and offer them by designing them according to the special requests of our partners.

Reinforcement learning / Meta learning / Deep learning / Inverse Reinforcement learning / Explainable AI / Symbolic AI

Advanced AI Topics

We consist of young and dynamic engineers. We combine our imagination with algorithm designs.

Our solutions are customer specific and we have many products in the fields of artificial intelligence and system solutions.

Our solutions are created as a result of combining academic knowledge with imagination and usability.

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