Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Product Development
& Consulting

We offer data analysis and artificial intelligence applications. Our products work successfully in sound, image and optimization tasks.

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Embedded System Solutions

& Product

We can present the applications we have developed as embedded solutions.

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Cloud System Solutions

& Product

We offer WEB and cloud solutions for your applications and business.

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Products Developed Through Academic Research

Data Analysis

We develop machine learning algorithms suitable for your requirements and offer them as cloud or embedded solutions.

Data processing

We offer analysis and detection applications in special data types such as image, sound and signal.

Smart Solutions

We offer online and offline optimization methods that can be integrated into active systems.

Academic Research Areas / Papers

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

We design machine learning algorithms specific to the problem and data type.

System Acceleration

We offer GPU Parallel Programming solutions and FPGA designs specific to algorithms.

Reinforcement Learning

We offer problem-specific Reinforcement Learning and Meta Learning solutions.

Who we are

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We consist of young and dynamic engineers. We combine our imagination with algorithm designs.

Our solutions are customer specific and we have many products in the fields of artificial intelligence and system solutions.

Our solutions are created as a result of combining academic knowledge with imagination and usability.

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